Monday, 21 October 2019
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Travel Year 2011

Low Solukhumbu

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Low Solu trekking Region.

Low Solu trek is located southern part of Khumbu (Everest) region. Khumbu region is normally cover over Lukla to all khmbu vally same likes Low Solu region cover from Jiri (orginal starting point of everest trek before built Lukla airport), Bandar, Goli VDC, Gorakhani VDC, Tamakhani VDC, Tapting VDC, Junbesi VDC, Sallery VDC, Kerung VDC and Garma VDC. In This region we have so many beautiful place, view point, old monasteries, temples, old monuments, remote villages, different ethnic peoples, and forest, vegetation (flora and Fauna). Naturally this region is so rich.

In this trek you will pass many different ethnic groups village like Jiri is the village of Jirel ethnic group, Bandar, Goli, Gorakhani, Junbesi are village of the original Sherpa people and there are Tamange, Chhetri, Bhahun and other ethnic peoples villages. Every ethnic group they have own culture, language, dress, festivals and living style. Also this is agriculture region; more people are work as farmers. They grow rice, Mice, wheat, barley, Potatoes, millet and others crops. Also grow fruits (Apple, orange, banana, Sugar can etc) and Vegetables. The crops, fruits and vegetables export to Khumbu region from here.

In this region we have some different trekking route. Some are long trek and some short trek. This is the best region for the tourists who want to love nature, to see real life and keep close with local peoples. This region specially we have 3 different trek.