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Travel Year 2011

Magical Bhutan

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Magical Western Bhutan 9 days

A glimpse of a magical world where past and present merge, where traditions live and where the spiritual and material are undistinguished and indivisible aspects of every facet of life.

Where are you going?


Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 2: The flight from Kathmandu provides a most dramatic view of the Himalaya as you fly alongside the world’s highest mountain range. Spend the night in a local farmhouse in the Paro Valley - help prepare the evening meal or sit back and soak up the beautiful scenery.

Day 3: Spend the morning at Drukyel Dong - a favorite place for archery practice. The tiny town of Paro is bursting with colour and tradition overlooked by a dramatic dzong.

Day 4: Thimphu lies in a wooded valley, sprawling up a hillside on the west bank of the Thimphu River. Quiet and peaceful, with its streets lined with traditional shop fronts, this town seems almost too small to be a capital – it is often said to be the only one without traffic lights.

Day 5: Wangdue Phodrang Dzong is dramatically perched on a spur at the confluence of two rivers; Punakha Dzong is the winter residence of Bhutan’s spiritual leader. It too is built between two rivers known as “Phochu” (Male River) and “Mochu” (Female River).

Day 6: Return to Paro

Day 7: Taktsang is the most famous of all Bhutanese monasteries - perched on acliff side. The only sounds are the murmurs of wind and water and the chanting of the monks. Taktsang means ‘Tigers Nest’; the Guru is said to have flown on the back of a tigress to the site of the monastery where he meditated in a cave for three months. The ruins of Drugyal Dzong mark a fortress from which the Bhutanese repelled many Tibetan invasions.

Day 8: The early morning flight leaves time in Kathmandu for further shopping and sightseeing.

Day 9: Depar


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