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Travel Year 2011

Kathmandu Sightseen

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Kathmandu Durvar Square :
(UNESCO world heritage site):
The Kathmandu Durbar Square is s overwhelming frenzy of art and architecture. The medieval palace complex is created in different styles at the right hand side of the Kumari temple. This palace complex is locally known as the Basantapur Durbar or Nautale Durbar and the street called is called Basantapur after it. Kastthamandap temple the city of Kathmandu derives its name from the temple, is located neat the temple of Kumari. Jaishi Dewal: the big Shiva temple in the Square, the statue of Kalabhairab, (destroyer image of Shiva), are the main attractions of Kathmandu Durbar square.

Patan Durbar Square : (UNESCO World Heritage Site): Most of the monuments is this square belongs to the medieval Mlla period 15 th to 17 th Century. Important things to be seen in this area is: the Golden gate and the Golden window of the old Palace, the beautiful piece of traditional metal craft, the famed Krishna temple with 21 golden pinnacles, the Royal bath of Sundari chowk, the classic work of the stone, Royal Taleju temple, Vishwa Narayan temple, unique craftsmanship in wood are shrines around the square.

Patan Mahabouddha: a little further south east from Patan Durbar square lays this Buddhist temple made of clay bricks in which thousands ofimages of Lord Buddha are engraved. The terra-cotta strucrure is one of the 14 th century Nepalese architectural masterpieces. The Golden temple, Rudravarna Maha Bihar, and Sakya Newari metal works are main attractions in Patan.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square :(UNESCO World Heritage Site): Bhaktapur lies 14 Km. to the east of Kathmandu. Its Durbar square is a symphony of are and architecture. The centerpiece is the 55-window Palace overlookingthe square which is paved over with bricks. The history of the place dates back to the 12 th century.

Lion Gate: The stone carved statue of lions gives one of the feeling they might be giving important portion of the palace.

Picture Gallery: It is a gallery of great value. In it we find displayed ancient paintings belonging to Hindu & Buddhist tantric schools of various periods.

Pottery’s Squre: A two minute walk south of Durbar square, you can see various of fresh clay mud works those Newars prepares it as for gifts according to the tradition.

Natapol Temple : A tal 5 floored temple was build in 12 th century by the Malla dynasty. There are many other nearest places to see. Equally among Bhaktapur, around Kathmandu valley you see many old Buddhist’s temples too.

The (Swyambhu Nath) Stupa 2000 year’s old Monkey temple in a west of Kathmandu city. Tilin-cho Maha Bihar in Kirtipur city more than 1700 yearls old temple, Bauddhanath temple world’s biggest Stupa, and many other panorama hills: Nagarkot, Mata Tirtha hill, Fulchoki hill, Nagarjun hill, and from Shivapuri hill, you may see more than 360 degree panorama of the white Himalayas west to the east of Nepal.

According to the history, Kathmandu valley have protecting by four Major Vishnu gods at four corners, Called Changu Narayan temple 1800 year old UNESCO world heritage site in the east, Bishankhu Narayan temple in the south, Ichangu Narayan temple in the west, and Budhanil-Kantha Temple in the north of the valley. They are four major syringes of the protector images of god Shiva.

Among of Kathmandu valley there are other beautiful places and destinations to find out.

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