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Travel Year 2011
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To white water raft is to bounce down a river in an inflatable rubber raft over crashing waves and swirling rapids for the excitement of a lifetime and Nepal offers some of the most exciting river rafting adventures in the world for white water kayaking, catter raft and rafting. Since the entire country is on a steep incline the rives that thunder down from the high Himalaya churn with extra ferocity to provide some of the fastest and most challenging white waters in the world. Foaming with the waters of melting glaciers the agitated waters crash through gorges, valleys and tropical jungles on their way to the plains of India. The ever-changing landscapes through which they pass reveal an amazing diversity of flora and fauna.

River rafting began in Nepal in 1975. With over 250 sizeable tributaries within 4 major river systems the potential for rafting is enormous. In western Nepal lie the Karnali and Mahakali systems, in the east Nepal is the Sapta Koshi and the Sapta Gandaki dominates the central region. To date only a few rivers within these systems have been explored commercially, including:

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